Unluckly to be involved in a vehicle collision, Mrs Kerry KORNHAUSER was very disappointed with the administration of the poor quality of collision repair work conducted by AAMI to her late model Toyota Yaris.

She felt because she was a woman she was not taken seriously when she complained about the poor quality of collision repairs conducted to her vehicle so she took her collision repaired car into IVIC for an independent assessment of the repairs.

IVIC identified nineteen (19) faults which were not repaired to manufactures specifications.

When Mrs Kornhauser presented the IVIC report to AAMI she was given a loan car (at no cost) whilst her car underwent the proper repairs she had expected to receive on the first occasion.

I believe without the IVIC report I'd still be fighting to get my car repaired properly……

Kerry Kornhauser


Mr Tsz Kin Au took his car to IVIC for a post collision repair inspection after his complaint of poor workmanship fell on deaf ears with his insurer Just Car Insurance.
IVIC confirmed that the repairs were of dangerous identifying that the structural integrity of the vehicle had been safety compromised.

Mr Au was further outraged to learn that toxic exhaust fumes were also possibly being sucked into the cabin through a faulty rear hatch which could have caused him to fall unconscious and crash whilst he was driving.

He was immediately placed him into a loan car when he produced the IVIC Structural Tolerance Report confirming his complaint to his insurer whilst his car underwent rectification work.

His vehicle was repaired and later returned to him in the condition he had expected on the first occasion. Mr Au was reimbursed all costs of having to prove his claim.
I believe IVIC helped me get my car fixed properly………

Tsz Kin Au


Young car buyer Michael Breed become aware of huge problems with the vehicle he recently purchased from a licensed vehicle dealer when he had a slight collision. The dealer had breached his Duty of Care responsibilities by not disclosing that the vehicle Michael purchased had compromised structural damage and was not 'crashworthy' as a result of an earlier collision.

The dealer claimed that he had properly conducted his Duty of Care by providing a current crashworthy certificate for the vehicle. Unfortunately for the dealer he did not have the structural integrity of the vehicle tested before he sold it to Michael. A Roadworthy certificate does not mean that the vehicle is Crashworthy.

Michael tried to amicably resolve the matter but the dealer denied any wrong doing. He took his vehicle to IVIC where a Structural Tolerance Report revealed that the vehicle had undergone substantial collision repairs on previous occasions compromising the integrity of the vehicle.

Michal now has the technical evidence he needs to prove that the vehicle he purchased was not only a lemon but was dangerously defective.

I believe if it wasn't for IVIC I wouldn't have been able to prove my case. Everyone should get a structural tolerance report before they purchase another used vehicle……

Michael Breed


Accountant Michael Argentino from Balwyn was interested to learn more about the new IVIC motor vehicle structural reporting business. Michael thought he'd have his vehicle checked to see how the IVIC Structural Tolerance Report measured up against his new and apparently undamaged CLK Mercedes.

Michael was infuriated to learn that his new $140,000 vehicle was not only delivered to him outside the recommended manufacturers structural tolerances, but had undisclosed under body and rear suspension damage, a shortened wheel base and repaired front guard consistent to a previous collision and a rusting and bent drive shaft. The vibrations from the bent drive shaft would certainly over time cause other extensive differential damage.

Michal is now pursuing an explanation and compensation from the dealer who sold him the car.

Without IVIC I'd most certainly wouldn't know about the existing damage to my car. I recommend everyone who is buying a new (or used vehicle) to obtain an IVIC Structural Tolerance Report before they commit to any vehicle purchase……

Michael Argentino


Proud purchaser Mathew Musumeci of Preston brought his new Subaru Impressa STI only to be disheartened by continuous mechanical problems plagued with his new vehicle.

Over the past 12 months Mathew has returned the vehicle a number of times to the Subaru dealer to receive a new replacement engine, two new drive shafts and soon, a new diff. Subaru have been unable to identify the cause of the continuous problems.

Mat consequently brought his vehicle to IVIC which conducted a Structural Tolerance Report and identified what appeared to be a manufacturers fault in the structural tolerance in the vehicle.

The structure integrity of this vehicle appears to be compromised which most certainly would be the catalyst of such mechanical problems said Tony Murdaca Director of Technical Operations at IVIC.

Matt now has the technical evidence he requires to substantiate and negotiate a favourable settlement for his unmerchantable vehicle.

Mathew Musumeci

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