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Is Your Collision Repaired Vehicle Crashworthy?

AAMI dangerous collision repairs

Video of Musso Dangerous collision repairs done by AAMI Insurance    

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Death traps

Video from Today Tonight of death traps

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Post mortem, crash test

Video from Post Mortem of Ford Crash Test ' Repairs by a major insurance company'

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Unsafe collision repairs

Video from Today Tonight of Unsafe Collision Repairs by AAMI

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If your vehicle has been towed from an accident scene, it is likely that it has sustained severe structural collision damage. Structural collision damage can be very difficult and costly to repair.

Despite assurances given by the collision repair industry and its stakeholders, collision repairs are profit driven and conducted to a price, not to a standard of safety.

Many collision repairs do not meet the crucial minimum benchmarks as provided by motor vehicle manufacturers. You may find that you are happy with the collision repairs to your vehicle however the likelihood is (without you knowing) your personal safety has been put at risk simply because the structural integrity has not been reinstated during the collision repair process. Poor repairs can also significantly diminish the value of your vehicle.

IVIC are the only internationally accredited post collision repair experts in Australia.

You may have seen us regularly on "A Current Affair" and "Today Tonight" helping consumers with complaints involving their collision repaired vehicle. IVIC have over 100 collective years of motor vehicle collision repair experience.

We're proud to claim to have a 100% complaint success rate and can assist you to get your vehicle repaired correctly or if necessary, have it "written off". We strongly recommend that you contact us if you have any query or complaint with your collision repaired vehicle, the initial inspection is FREE.

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