About IVIC

The International Vehicle Integrity Centre Limited ACN 120 808 826 is delighted to announce the introduction of an exceptionally effective and socially responsible motoring safety initiative.

The IVIC ‘Structural Tolerance Report’ is a unique inspection reporting system incorporating a ‘forensic style’ of investigation allowing operators to identify the ‘crashworthiness’ or the safe ‘structural integrity’ of motor vehicle collision repairs.

The developers have interfaced sophisticated computer programming software with over seventy (70) collective years of smash repair industry experience to produce this remarkably effective and much needed product.

Designed to operate as a proactive initiative, The IVIC ‘Structural Tolerance Report’ will greatly assist to identify the massive number of defective collision repaired motor vehicles on our roads. It will also help reduce the growing number of motor vehicle collision related injuries and fatalities which result from inferior collision repairs.

The IVIC ‘Structural Tolerance Report’ is an independent analysis of your collision repaired vehicle and is now available to all private and corporate motor vehicle owners to help validate their complaints of inferior collision repairs.

You can rest assured that when you attend an International Vehicle Integrity Centre location, you are in the best expert hands. 

The International Vehicle Integrity Centre Limited (IVIC) is the only independent and internationally accredited motor vehicle inspection centre in Australia. 

Our highly trained expert staff has collectively over hundred (100) years experience in the smash repair and associated motoring industries.

Each technical staff member has been selectively chosen and trained to hold their own international accreditation and are individually accountable for each vehicle they inspect.   

The equipment that IVIC use has been awarded approvals and or collaborations from each of the global motor vehicle manufactures giving you the assurance of safe motor vehicle integrity.  

You are assured “integrity without compromise” when you visit and IVIC centre.  

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