Road testing the IVIC 'Structural Tolerance Report'

After seventy (70) collective years of industry experience and a substantial financial investment into research and development, the product now known as the IVIC ‘Structural Tolerance Report’ has been developed.

Detailed market and customer focused prototype development testing was conducted on the IVIC ‘Structural Tolerance Report’ over the past three years with tremendous success. In particular, all clients who used the ‘Structural Tolerance Report’ product secured better and safer repairs for their collision damaged vehicle or were presented with a new vehicle.

IVIC executed small local newspaper advertising wanting to attract vehicle owners who felt aggrieved with the standard of collision repairs conducted on their vehicles. Surprisingly approximately five hundred (500) random owners came forward to have the structural tolerance of their collision repaired motor vehicles inspected. Alarmingly nine (9) in every ten (10) vehicles failed and more disturbingly these owners had no knowledge they were driving defective and dangerous vehicles.

Some vehicles were so dangerously repaired that the insurer immediately settled with the owner on a ‘total loss basis’ for the insured value. Shamefully however we know of cases where the same vehicle was later auctioned and some other unsuspecting buyer was burdened with a dangerously defective crashworthy deficient motor vehicle.

Inspection referrals from Vic Roads VIV Inspection centres and the Victorian police have helped to identify re-birthed vehicles where the culprits where subsequently arrested and the vehicle prevented from being re-registered.

IVIC propose to promote their socially and morally responsible motoring safety initiative onto a national platform to help assist and remove as many compromised collision repaired vehicles as possible from public roads.