Complaints involving post collison repairs

Complaints concerning inferior collision repairs (or ‘re-works’ as they are known in the industry) are generally not reported until the repaired vehicle leaves the repair shop or after the owner has had time to properly inspect the vehicle. This is usually later at home or after road testing.

Minor re-works referencing poor finish quality or other minor defects (loose nuts, bolts, detailing etc) have generally been rectified without too much aggravation to the vehicle owner, however how many times have you heard friends or relatives say “my car no longer drives the same as it did prior to ‘the’ collision” yet cosmetically, the repaired vehicle presents like brand new.

In these circumstances the defect is likely to be structurally seeded or an undercarriage problem which is far more difficult and expensive to rectify if not repaired correctly the first time. Stakeholders have consequently been very reluctant to quickly ‘make good’ these types of defects particularly without first giving unnecessary aggravation to the vehicle owner.

Unfortunately complaints involving the more serious re-works defects have generally fallen onto the deaf ears of stakeholders ultimately leaving thousands of vehicle owners with defective repairs and sometimes with an un-drivable vehicle. 

This has largely been attributable to there never being a reference point from where vehicle owners could procure an expert ‘forensic style’ inspection report to conclusively determine and support the owner’s allegation of faulty or defective collision repairs.

That has been the case until now; the IVIC ‘Structural Tolerance Report’ is available to all private and corporate vehicle owners to provide you with the technical evidence you might require to substantiate your re-works claim.

The image shows rear end collision.
The visible exterior damage was repaired however note the structural damage under the spare tyre which was left un-repaired. This vehicle was retuned to its owner in this condition. 

Thousands of collision repaired vehicles are returned to their owners with hidden or disguised structural collision damage. 

If you’re the owner of a collision repaired motor vehicle, there is a strong likelihood it will also have hidden or un-repaired collision damage.
For your protection and family’s safety, have your vehicle undergo an IVIC ‘Structural Tolerance Report’ any remedial repairs will usually be at no further cost to you.