Collision repaired vehicles

Unfortunately, even with the advent of new technologies of recent times, conventional collision repair equipment and the subsequent methods used to repair collision damaged vehicles have not improved to any great extent over the past thirty years.

There is undisputed evidence which identifies that nine in ten, or 90% of collision repaired motor vehicles which had sustained structural damage, remain defective and totally unsafe. A compromised structural integrity can be the direct cause of severe injuries or fatalities.

Structurally compromised vehicles do not meet with current roadworthy compliance legislation yet the authorities have made no attempts to remove or prevent these vehicles from returning to our roads, nor have the owners been advised that their collision repaired vehicle could be a death trap.

There are millions of vehicles on the roads with dangerously inferior collision repairs and if you own or drive a collision repaired vehicle (company cars included) you are probably driving an unsafe or structurally compromised vehicle. This situation applies to any make or model regardless of value or prestige of vehicle.

IVIC have a strong belief that in the interests of public safety, such vehicles should be remedially repaired to within a safe crashworthy compliance or be removed from our roads completely.

However to better highlight the existing problem IVIC are desirous to purchase the worst examples of collision repaired motor vehicles.

If you think you have an excellent example of a dangerously repaired vehicle, please do not sell it to unsuspecting buyers, uphold your Duty of Care and contact IVIC. We will pay above market value for the right vehicles.

If you have a collision repaired vehicle and are unhappy with the result or you are being frustrated with your smash repairer or insurer, please complete the information box below or contact IVIC on 1300 00 IVIC. (1300 00 4842)

We guarantee to give you the right advice and help solve your problem.