Financier Mr Sasha Caller of Melbourne crashed his expensive pride and joy Porsche Boxter when he swerved to miss an animal in the rain. The vehicle was towed to a prestige smash repairer in Elsternwick where Sasha was told the vehicle would be repaired in 2 weeks and given an old Hyundai courtesy car to drive.

The repaired Porsche was returned to him after 4 weeks however he was not happy with the way it handled after the repair. Sasha took the vehicle into IVIC at West Melbourne where a Structural Tolerance Report was conducted on the vehicle only to discover dodgy repairs to the front suspension and near side chassis rail. IVIC discovered approx a further $30,000 of repairs were needed to this vehicle because the earlier repairs compromised the structural integrity of the vehicle causing a major safety defect.

With the IVIC Structural Tolerance Report in hand, Sasha was able to prove his complaint without resistance from Just Car Insurance. Sasha was immediately placed into an Audi A4 courtesy car whilst he awaits the fate of his vehicle. It is expected the Porsche will now be written off.

I can't believe the service, fantastic….. I recommend everyone should get their collision repaired car checked at IVIC……

Sasha Caller


After lodging numerous complaints Nissan Maxima owner Mr Truiong of Point Cook was not happy with the quality of the collision repairs that AAMI had administered to his car. He further claimed that he was not taken seriously when he made his complaints and that he was treated unfairly.

Unable to get a resolution Mr Truiong turned to IVIC for help which not only substantiated his complaints, but was horrified to learn that IVIC identified further extensive and unrepaired under body collision damage remaining to his vehicle.

It is clear that this vehicle was repaired to an inadequate budget and not to the standard as promised by the insurer said Tony Murdaca, Director of Technical Operations at IVIC.

With an IVIC Structural Tolerance Report in hand Mr Truiong was not only able to get his vehicle repaired without further aggravation or frustration but was given a courtesy vehicle to drive free of charge whilst his car underwent no cost remedial repairs.

If it wasn't for IVIC I'd still be driving a damaged vehicle and arguing with AAMI …….

Mr Truiong


Mr Luke Corluka of Footscray was excited when he purchased something he always wanted, a new BA Ford XR6 Ute however the joy was short lived.

Almost immediately Luke noticed the vehicle had many problems, an annoying rattle in the cabin, excessive oil consumption, uncontrollable steering and other cosmetic flaws. Only after constant complaining was he able to get the rattle in the cabin rectified which turned out to be a manufacturers fault inside the rear pillar - there were no welds securing the 'inner' panel in place which involved a stripping the cabin completely.

For the next two and half years he constantly complained to the Ford dealer about uncontrollable and dangerous action of the vehicle when braking, but the dealer could never locate the fault when test driving the vehicle.

Extremely frustrated and displeased with Ford's service he turned to IVIC for further assistance. IVIC conducted a Structural Tolerance Report on the vehicle and within moments identified that the front suspension mounts and sway bar had a 16 ml distortion in tolerance and why the brakes were malfunctioning and not operating properly. All problems were apparently a manufacturers fault.

Luke now has the technical evidence he requires to substantiate his complaint. Luke expects to now receive a favourable resolution to his long and protracted complaints.

I've been going crazy trying to find someone who can find the problems with my ca r, however I didn't expect to find the expert assistance I did. Thank You IVIC

Luke Corluka


Craig Veal is lucky to be alive after he fell asleep at the wheel of his expensive prestige Jaguar sedan and drove through a safety barrier snapping a power pole. The uncompromised structural integrity of the vehicle not only prevented him from sustaining injuries but probably saved his life.

The vehicle was subsequently taken to a smash repairer in Laverton taking six months to repair the damage. When Craig finally had his car returned to him, he found numerous faults with the repaired vehicle and no amount of complaining to his insurer (RACV) and repairer was he able to get the problems rectified.

He turned to IVIC who conducted Structural Tolerance Report on the vehicle. Senior IVIC technicians were horrified to find the amount of structural and cosmetic damage remaining on the car that had not been fixed. The car was so badly repaired that it could no longer be driven safely. RACV only admitted liability and settled the claim after Mr Veal was able to produce the required technical evidence with an IVIC Structural Tolerance report.

Thank you IVIC you provide a wonderful service, I'll tell my friends……

Craig Veal


he International Vehicle Integrity Centre Limited (IVIC) was able to help Mrs Margaret Shaw (Melbourne) obtain the collision repairs she was originally entitled to.

Mrs Shaw the proud owner of a new Toyota Camry unfortunately had a collision soon after she took delivery of her new car. After three months in the Woods repair shop for what appeared to be minor cosmetic damage her vehicle was returned to her with unrepaired collision damage. After complaining and returning her vehicle to the repairer and insurer (AAMI) a number of times, her complaints apparently fell on deaf ears, not much was done to fix the problems.

Frustrated and unhappy with the service and treatment, she turned to IVIC for assistance which conducted a forensic technical report on her vehicle. IVIC identified the unrepaired structural damage and a number of other poorly repaired cosmetic items on her new motor car. Armed with the IVIC Structural Tolerance Report to substantiate her claims, Mrs Shaw was finally able to obtain the satisfaction she first sought from her insurer and smash repairer.

Thank you IVIC, where would I have been without you…..

Margret Shaw

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