After serious concerns surrounding the safety of collision repairs conducted to her son's new motor car were dismissed, Mrs Anderson of Brisbane found resolution when she introduced IVIC into her discussions with Suncorp Insurance.

The car, a six month old Ford Typhoon was extensively damaged by her husband in an unfortunate circumstances. The poorly repaired vehicle was returned to the Andersons with blatantly obvious defects which were later confirmed by a report issued by the RACQ, yet, Suncorp refused to rectify any defects.

Totally frustrated and no where to turn, Mrs Anderson searched the web and found IVIC and within a few days Suncorp gave her a new car.

I will most certainly recommend IVIC to anyone in need of such a service and am happy to speak further on your behalf………..

Mrs Anderson


Hoa Guyen unfortunately smashed his brand new Honda Accord only weeks after he bought it. Fortunately it was only a slight impact and the damage was only cosmetic.

Mr Guyen made a claim through his insurer and AAMI administered the repair claim alarmingly however, the vehicle was returned to him with missing wheel nuts and a very poor quality finish to the panel work.

The owner took the car to IVIC where he was able to obtain an independent assessment on the quality of the repairs and confirmation of his complaint.

My Guyen was immediately placed into a loan car (at no cost) whilst the poor repairs were rectified with two days. The cost of the independent report was reimbursed to Mr Guyen by the guilty party.

Thank you IVIC, very good………

Hoa Guyen


Phillip Pantano from Melbourne was dismayed with the lack of service he received from AAMI after he made a claim for collision damage as a result of an accident in his late model Jeep Cherokee.

After collecting his collision repaired vehicle Phillip immediately noticed that it did not drive the same as it did prior to the accident. He noticed vibrations from the front end which affected the steering and performance of the vehicle. After numerous complaints to fix the problem AAMI concluded the faults were not collision related.

Unhappy and frustrated and with nowhere to turn, Phillip thought he had to persevere with continual complaints until maybe something be done and unfortunately in the meantime the engine seized. Convinced the cause of the engine seizure was accident related, Phillip took his vehicle to IVIC where a Structural Tolerance Report was conducted on the vehicles chassis.

With the use of their unique equipment IVIC were able to determine the chassis tolerance readings were contrary to manufactures specifications and that the undercarriage still had unrepaired collision damage consistent to the earlier collision.
Phillip now has the evidence he requires to commence action for compensation for the diminished value of his vehicle.

Without IVIC I would not have the evidence I need to prove my claim……

Phillip Pantano


Ivan Dodin of Melbourne bought a pre owned late model Saab after getting the 'thumbs up' on a roadworthy inspection conducted by the RACV from a registered motor vehicle dealer.

After he purchased the vehicle IVIC alerted Ivan to apparent blemishes and inconsistencies on the vehicle with the RACV report. A Structural Tolerance Report later revealed that Ivan's car had been involved in a previous collision which was not disclosed to him prior to purchase.

Being a journalist his curiosity was aroused when he tried to obtain a collision history of his vehicle and was 'stonewalled' when he was able to determine contributing negligence by a number of stakeholders.

The IVIC 'Structural Tolerance Report' has been able to provide Ivan with the proof he needs to sue the parties responsible for non disclosure and diminished value damages on his vehicle purchase.

Had it not been for IVIC and their expertise I would have been non the wiser. I recommend to everyone who is considering buying a pre owned vehicle to first obtain an IVIC Structural Tolerance Report before you buy, it will prevent many problems …….

Ivan Dodin


Being lured by a TV commercial for cost effective motor insurance, Tim Evans bought a policy for his Subaru sedan with Budget Insurance and was happy until it was time to make a claim.

Being an avid skier and car enthusiast Tim lost control of his pride and joy on icy roads in the snowfields causing extensive damage to the underbody. Tim made a claim and (he thought) the damage was repaired correctly.

Tim wasn't entirely happy with the quality of repairs and was continually frustrated with the lack assistance when he made subsequent complaints about getting the car repaired to a safe standard, however Budget Insurance did not appear to want to help him any further.

Concerned about the integrity of the repairs, Tim took his car into IVIC for a 'Structural Tolerance Report' and was horrified to learn that his car had not been repaired as promised but still had existing substantial collision damage to the underbody. The collision repairs compromised the vehicle so much that it was unsafe to drive.

Tim took the IVIC Structural Tolerance Report to Budget substantiating his claims of inferior collision repairs. Budget only then arranged for Tim's vehicle to be repaired correctly.

It was only because of IVIC's professionalism and expertise that I was finally able to get some satisfaction……….

Tim Evans

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