Government responsibility

The number of compromised collision repaired vehicles on our roads is disturbing high and continually rising. This increasing danger is not attributable to only the use of inferior replacement parts or questionable smash repair techniques, it extends far beyond our current legislative laws all the way to the executive bastion of each state government and their respective transport authority.

Interestingly Vic Roads advise their charter is not to police motor vehicle collision repair compliance but is only to ensure vehicle identification data match the registered owner’s details and collect subsequent revenues. Members of the public might find this a surprising revelation however it is the only government entity that deals with motor vehicle related matters involving pre collision ‘roadworthy’ compliance or safety in Victoria.

Whilst the current government operated motor vehicle inspection systems appear to be antiquated and largely ineffective, they remain to be a part of the catalyst of a nightmare of failures as more accident repaired vehicles, including stolen and ‘Re-birthed’ vehicles continue to slip through the ‘holes’ in the system and back onto public roads causing horrifying injuries and fatalities.

There have been regular and extensive current affairs television programs and media reports concerning this issue. State government transport authorities continually promote that they constantly review their motor vehicle inspection policies, unfortunately the results of these inspections clearly show that not enough is still being done.