Crash testing collision repaired vehicles

IVIC claim that stakeholders involved in the motor vehicle smash repair industry do not uphold their legal, moral or ethical responsibilities when repairing collision damaged vehicles. Consequently such behaviour grossly threatens the personal safety of every motorist and pedestrian.

IVIC believe there is a real necessity for the public to become better informed of the real truths and misconceptions of conventional collision repairs and how any subsequent collision involving a conventionally repaired vehicle will inflict more sever injuries or be potentially fatal to occupants.

A number of aggrieved owners who have been refused remedial repairs by their insurer have since learnt their vehicle has also failed the IVIC ‘Structural Tolerance Report’ and are now defectively dangerous.

Each claim was administered under the Insurance controlled regime by each of the larger motor vehicle insurance companies in Australia. Each vehicle was repaired by well established smash repairers however the owners were horrified to learn of the short cuts taken during the repair process only to leave their vehicles in dangerous conditions of repair.

These owners now strongly believe that the public deserves to be told the truth. To help publicly expose the deficiencies of conventional collision repairs and methods, all owners have collectively pledged their collision repaired vehicles to IVIC to conduct a series of laboratory controlled crash tests.

All vehicles will soon undergo laboratory controlled crash testing to determine:
  1. the true crashworthiness of the collision repairs.
  2. the integrity of any fitted aftermarket replacement parts.
  3. the severity of potential injuries compared to injuries possibly sustained with uncompromised integrity crash testing.

IVIC believe the crash test results will conclusively determine that conventional motor vehicle collision repairs are dangerously inferior and can not return safe structural integrity to collision repaired motor vehicles.

All results will be published on this site as they become available.