IVIC makes submission on proposed 'Lemon Laws'

Pursuant to an ‘Issues Paper” issued by the Dept of Consumer Affairs (Victoria) IVIC has made a submission on their proposed motor vehicle “Lemon Laws” legislation. 

The IVIC submission is based on actual statistics on consumer complaints received
at IVIC in the following market segments:

New vehicles
Collison repaired vehicles
Pre owned or used vehicles.
The proposed “Lemon laws” legislations is specific to complaints involving “New” motor vehicles whereas the IVIC submission suggests the greater focus of the proposed laws should not only be “New” vehicles but more so vehicles as identified in points 2 and 3 above.

IVIC has identified that the definitive incubator of over 95% of “lemon” vehicles on our roads are a direct result of:

Age of vehicle.
Inferior collision repair practices and claims administration by the insurance and smash repair industries.
Lack of community awareness.
Click below to read the submission – 
IVIC submission of proposed motor vehicle “Lemon Laws”